Agenda 2016

Current events

Until September, 4

« l’Eté métropolitain #5 »

More than 300 artistic meeting points in 28 cities around Bordeaux

Until September, 10

« Ball Game »

Exhibition by Frederic Lefebvre and « Pure grape critique » by Nicolas Boulard at FRAC Aquitaine

Until September, 18

Ellis video installation by the artist JR at the Submarine base

He wants to highlight Robert de Niro, and pays tribute to migrants who have stayed on Ellis Island.

until 24 September

« Cinesites »

Bordeaux Metropole Festival #24

Until September, 25

« Transferts #6 »

At Bordeaux Gambetta (street-art)

Until September, 25

« Constellation.s »

Exhibition at Arc en rêve

Until September, 26

« Fantastic ! The visionary engraving of Goya to Redon»

Exhibition at the Fine Arts Gallery of Bordeaux

Until September, 27

« Graffiti Art, Legendary Tableau 1970-1990 »

Exhibition at Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute

Until September, 28

« Baccarat, legendary crystal »

Exceptional exhibition at Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute in Château Labottière

Until September, 28

« The Akans Golden »

Exhibition at Aquitaine Museum

Until September, 30

Summer scenes in Gironde

Until October, 30

2016 season street art - Bordeaux Métropole

Until October, 30

« Football. At the limit of offside »

Exhibition at Aquitaine Museum: reflection about football and its role in current world through an approach historical and anthropological

Until November, 6

« Mesoamerica: the Hurrican Effect »

Exhibition of Edgardo Aragon at CAPC (Centre of Contemporary Visual Arts)

Until December, 11

« Star Waters: the plankton galaxy »

Exhibition at the Botanical Garden

Until January, 8

Isabelle Rozenbaum’s construction photographs at La Cité du Vin

Until January, 8

« Heritage Factory »  

Exhibition at Bordeaux CIAP

Until March, 9

« Mummies never lie »  

Exhibition at Cap Sciences


5 to 7 August

Reggae Sun Ska Festival

European’s Largest Festival of Reggae in the Pessac, Talence and Gradignan University Campus

24 August

Embankment animations in Lormont


8 to 11 September

Ocean Climax Music Festival at Darwin Bordeaux Bastide

10 September   

Medoc Marathon with the subject « Tales and legends »

12 September to 02 October

« Everybody in Restaurant! »

Event with the concept:  « Your guest is our guest »

15 to 17 September

Nomads Festival, world music and cultures in Bordeaux Bacalan

16 to 18 September

Corazon Latino Festival in Rocher de Palmer of Cenon

16 to 18 September

« Fête du Cheval » at Le Bouscat

17 September

“Arts and Harvest” in Mérignac

17 to 18 September

Decastar #41 in Talence

Major international combined events meeting in Talence

17 to 18 September

European Heritage Days

22 September to 2 October

« Les campulsations » #9 Bordeaux Métropole

23 to 25 September

Biennale panoramas

Artistic devices at Parc des Coteaux of Bassens

24 September to 29 January

« Houselife »

Exhibition at the Musée des Arts décoratifs et du Design

30 September to 2 October

The Good taste of Aquitaine in Bordeaux #23


7 to 09 October

Pocket Book Show #12, “Lire en poche” in Gradignan

13 to 19 October

The International Independent Film Festival of Bordeaux #5

21 to 30 October

Vibrations Urbaines Festival #19

22 to 23 October

New wine and flea market Festival #36 in Chartrons quarter


17 November to 29 January

Basim Magdy exhibition at CAPC (Centre of Contemporary Visual Arts)

18 to 19 November

Dance « It’s going to get worse and worse and worse, my friend » at colonnes in Blanquefort

18 to 20 November

Bordeaux So Good #3

Gastronomy and Lifestyle Festival

25 to 26 November

«Literary strides» #5 in Lormont

Public event combining culture and sport, on the theme “Olympic women”


1 December to 30 March

« The silent Nature, Landscapes Odilon Redon»

Exhibition at La Galerie des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux

10 to 11 December

Bordeaux Tasting #5

Located at the Palais de la Bourse in Bordeaux, «Terre de Vins» gives an appointment for a new edition of «Bordeaux Tasting»

AVRIL 2017

11 April

The Swan Lake, at Bordeaux Rink

15 April

Bordeaux Métropole Marathon #3

Run at night, the only one of its kind in France!

May 2017

25 May to 04 June

Bordeaux River Festival welcomes the « Solitaire du Figaro Eric Bompard Cachemire »

June 2017

18 to 21 June


the leading international wine and spirits event for profesionals


21 to 29 September  

Agora Biennale of Bordeaux #7

JUNE 2018

14 to 17 June

Bordeaux Wine Festival will welcome the Tall Ships Regatta