Architecture, design and urban planning

Two massive sites, the Bassins à Flot to the north, and Euratlantique to the south, are in the process of re-shaping the city’s landscape to create « Bordeaux 2030”, thereby securing the metropolis’ place as one of the great regional capitals of the 21st century.

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The Bordeaux metropolis’ heritage includes buildings and facilities by some of today’s great architects and designers: the rooms and restaurant at the Mama Shelter hotel and Château Les Carmes Haut-Brion’s winery were designed by Philippe Starck, the hotel Saint James by Jean Nouvel, the Matmut Atlantique stadium by Hertzog & de Meuron, Maison Lemoine in Floirac by Rem Koolhaas, the County Court by Richard Rogers, and the CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art by Andrée Putman.



In the north of the city, the Bassins à Flot, the old manufacturing district, located between the Chartrons and Bacalan is undergoing a transformation: a massive 160 hectare construction site (including 22 hectares of water, the former wet docks) are springing up like mushrooms: accommodation, hotels, economic and leisure centers … Major new additions to the city’s landscape include the Radisson Blu Hotel and the Marine and Maritime Museum.

In the south, on the other side of the city around Bordeaux’s train station, a revolution is being prepared, in the form of Bordeaux Euratlantique. This vast urban development project covers 738 hectares spread over Bordeaux, Bègles and Floirac. Bordeaux Euratlantique includes office space, housing, public facilities, hotels and shops, and a new pedestrian shopping street scheduled to open in 2021. Among the other facilities that are already operational, there is Halle Boca (which has several restaurants, offices, the Hilton Garden Inn and a food court), the Arkéa Arena concert and event centre by Rudy Ricciotti, the MÉCA that includes the FRAC (see focus), and the Cité Numérique, a new figurehead for Bordeaux’s French Tech. The project includes the building of the new Simone Veil bridge which will connect the Saint-Jean Belcier district to Floirac in 2022.

An integral part of the Euratlantique project, the new Arkéa Arena events venue, signed by Rudy Ricciotti (creator of the MUCEM in Marseille) is located on the right bank next to the future Simone Veil bridge. With 11,300 seats, it hosts a variety of cultural, entertainment and sports events.