Bordeaux Metropole citypass, the keys to the city

This card, valid for one, two, or three consecutive days, is useful for visiting the city, its museums and monuments, as well as taking urban public transport.

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Bordeaux essentials

A wider range of services

1. CityPass includes the emblematic sites around the Bordeaux area, including several UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Bordeaux is, more than ever, the ideal starting point for exploring Saint-Émilion (free tour of the monolithic church), Blaye (free guided tour of Vauban’s fortifications), and many other historic sites and monuments.

2. The personal "destination concierge": a global innovation. From now on, Bordeaux Métropole CityPass holders will have access to "Wiidii", a personal assistant app on Iphone and Android, throughout the validity period of their cards. Users choose between voice recognition or their keyboard to ask questions in French, English, or Chinese and Wiidii answers within a few minutes. Visitors will be able to reserve airport transfers, find a good restaurant, obtain details of an English-speaking doctor, or ask any question that requires in-depth local knowledge.

3. A "pocket modem" is available for foreign visitors, to convert 4G into wifi, providing a permanent Internet connection. 4 euros



Available from the Tourist Information Office, TBC sales outlets, and online: