Cultural attractions in Bordeaux

What do Delacroix, Picasso, Bruegel, Monet, Rodin, Buren, Goya, and Jeff Koons have in common? They all have works exhibited in one of Bordeaux’ fifteen museums.
The Bordeaux museums offer an eclectic, exciting,
year-round programme, to suit all tastes.

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A passion for history

The Musée d’Aquitaine (Aquitaine Museum) presents the history of Bordeaux and the surrounding region, from prehistoric times up to the present. A new exhibit, «Bordeaux harbour, gateway to the world», inaugurated in 2014, introduces visitors to 19th- and early 20th-century Bordeaux. 

Located in a superb mansion on the Place de la Bourse, the Musée National des Douanes (National Customs Museum) reveals the secrets of this little-known institution in varied displays.

A passion for the arts

The Museum of Fine Arts, located behind the Palais Rohan, displays 330 paintings and sculptures, from Titian to Picasso. The animal paintings of Rosa Bonheur, a Bordeaux artist, are also noteworthy.

The Museums of Decorative Arts and Design, with its original furniture and decor, offers a remarkable glimpse of the lifestyle of the Bordeaux aristocracy at the time of the French Revolution. The delicious tearoom is not to be missed!

A passion for contemporary art

The CAPC, Contemporary Art Museum, located in the Entrepôts Lainé, a former warehouse, has one of the richest permanent collections in France.

The Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute was created by dynamic entrepreneur Bernard Magrez, who owns an impressive collection of wine properties. He converted this magnificent town house into a cultural centre with regular exhibitions of modern and contemporary art; it has quickly become a popular venue, in a similar style to the Palazzo Grassi in Venice, owned by François Pinault.

Fans of unconventional art should head for the Musée de la Création Franche (Museum of Free Creation) in Bègles, with its collection of 16,000 works.


Bordeaux will have its Musée de la Mer et de la Marine (Marine and Maritime Museum) in the Bassins à Flot area as of spring 2019.

The Bordeaux Maritime History Museum has also just opened its doors in the district of Chartrons. Through old maps, instruments, models of boats, and portraits of Bordeaux figures, Bordeaux’s Port de la Lune’s rich river and maritime past can be relived from the Roman era to modern times.