Major urban development projects

Paris-Bordeaux in 2 hours: that will be real soon! To face up, two new quarters are rising: Bassins à Flots to the north of the city and Euratlantique to the south. These colossal projects are giving the city a new silhouette.

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Bassins a flot to the north

The Bassins à Flot development has been a whirlwind of activity for the past 4 years. a This vast, 160-hectare site (including the 22-hectare inner harbour) is giving the former industrial area between the Chartrons and Bacalan districts a complete makeover, with keynote structures and other buildings popping up like mushrooms. In the long term, this 700,000m² mixed development, just 6 tram stops from the Place des Quinconces hub, will include housing, business premises, and community facilities.

Bassins à flots

2,000 housing units out of the 5,400 expected by 2025 have already been completed and the first residents have moved in. Nature and water will be the overriding themes: open to the river and bathed in light, the district will feature 3 kilometres of landscaped pathways. The opening of Cité du Vin since June 2016 and the future Musée de la Marine (Maritime Museum) will round out the already bustling cultural scene in this district.

The renovation of the marina and the reopening of the dry-dock facilities, for maintaining river cruise ships and refitting yachts, will reaffirm the identity of the Bassins à Flot as a maritime and port hub.

Bordeaux Euratlantique to the South

Another revolution is underway on the far side of the city, code name: Bordeaux Euratlantique. This is one of the most extensive urban development projects in France, covering 738 hectares in Bordeaux, Bègles, and Floirac and involving the construction of 500,000m2 of office space, 17,000 housing units, and 100,000m2 of shops and hotels around Bordeaux railway station. The arrival of the high-speed rail link in 2017, with services to Paris in 2 hours and 5 minutes, will bring 18 million passengers to Bordeaux every year by 2020.

The Bordeaux Métropole Arena, a new entertainment centre, forms an integral part of the Euratlantique project. It will be situated on the right bank, just near the future Jean-Jacques Bosc brige, and will include a 11-300 seat. Opening scheduled in 2018.

Bordeaux Euratlantique intends to attract the head offices of major firms and become the future economic nerve centre of the city. One key event in 2015 was the opening of the business incubator in Parc Newton, the future green economy cluster in Bègles. The first phase of the Cité Numérique (Digital City), future digital economy hub of the wider region, as well as the first office buildings, are due to be inaugurated in late 2016.