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This way for bucolic walks, interesting activities, unusual places and tips on what to do from the locals! The new webzine, Un Air de Bordeaux is for residents and visitors who want to (re)discover the Bordeaux metropolis, with its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and its hidden gems. A selection of ideas for travel in the area and experiencing something different!

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Visited by millions of people every year, Bordeaux is on a roll! Exceptional modern and historic architecture, a gastronomic wonderland, the re-emergence of the river as part of the city’s identity, and a thriving arts scene: Bordeaux has it all! The 27 surrounding communes that make up the greater urban area of Bordeaux, known as Bordeaux Metropole, also offer a range of attractions with incredibly diverse natural landscapes, dynamic cultural traditions and delightful local festivals.

Background and Objectives

At a time when the city regularly features at the top of international rankings, it is essential to watch over its natural and social ecosystem, and to preserve the balance between the well-being of residents and of visitors. In order to manage the flow of visitors more efficiently and promote the metropolitan area as a whole, Bordeaux Metropole’s Conference and Tourist Office has launched Un Air de Bordeaux, a webzine intended for the inhabitants of the urban area and visitors wishing to explore the region and its natural resources, off the beaten track. It promotes community-oriented tourism, i.e. tourism with a human face and a low environmental footprint, that shares local attractions in a way that respects the location and its inhabitants, all in a process of identification and development. It is an approach based on proximity, authenticity, sincerity, simplicity, sharing and open-mindedness.


Through an exclusively online format, Un Air de Bordeaux highlights the places, events, actors and activities that make up the rich landscape and cultural diversity of the Bordeaux metropolis. It raises awareness of the region’s resources and invites exploration of its hidden corners. A world of new experiences is at your fingertips!


The editorial line of Un Air de Bordeaux is to highlight and develop the themes that are embedded in the city’s DNA. Sections such as nature, culture, children, lifestyle, and sport, are treated in various editorial formats: «Weekend escapades”, “We tested...”, top tens, interviews, portraits, all accompanied by music, with a carefully selected playlist of local artists. And of course, a calendar showing upcoming events.