Un air de Bordeaux, the webzine for local travel

This way for bucolic walks, interesting activities, unusual places and tips on what to do from the locals! The webzine Un air de Bordeaux is for residents and visitors who want to (re)discover the Bordeaux metropolis, with its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and its hidden gems. A selection of ideas for travel in the area and experiencing something different!

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Since the launch of the « Un air de Bordeaux » site in November 2017, nearly 350,000 unique visitors have confirmed the growing interest of Bordeaux’s inhabitants, visitors and new arrivals in exploring local sites and activities in the wider urban area.

Parks, forests, water meadows, nature reserves... plus a flourishing artistic and cultural scene…it has to be said that Bordeaux and its 27 surrounding communes have plenty to keep you busy, including some surprises. With Un air de Bordeaux, finding an idea for an outing, a vegetarian restaurant, a flea market, or a tea room in your neighbourhood has never been so easy.

Exploring the local environment

Set off on a geocaching treasure hunt, explore what’s at the end of the tram line, or go for a bike ride in the surrounding hills with superb views of Bordeaux… There is a wide range of ideas for interesting outings and activities that are accessible to everyone! Bordeaux is a great place to adopt the «  local travel  » option, particularly in an age when reducing our carbon footprint is becoming increasingly important. Exploring the surrounding region is gaining popularity; it could even be described as a lifestyle.

Reinterpreting what the “home environment” means

By making inhabitants the priority, the Bordeaux Metropole Tourism & Conventions Office is part of an innovative approach to the development of local resources. All of the city’s residents, whether they have always lived there or just arrived, also want to take full advantage of the local area and countryside, and available activities. Furthermore, they are excellent ambassadors for their home town. So why stop at visitors when it comes to helping people to discover and explore all the wonderful things that the region has to offer?

A team on the ground

With more than 350 articles published since its launch in November 2017 and the active involvement of the 28 communes that make up “Bordeaux Metropole”, Un Air de Bordeaux now reaches a substantial audience. Throughout the year, a team of external journalists are tasked with seeking out hidden gems, meeting inhabitants and organizers, trying out activities, walks and tours, keeping track of the markets being held and revealing the creative potential of the entire urban area. Sent weekly, a newsletter contains the “best of” outings and events, for a top weekend in the metropolis.

This work on the ground is essential in order to achieve one of the main objectives: uniting the urban community through a strong local identity.

Every year, an activities guide is published and 40,000 copies are distributed in addition to the webzine content.